Desktop Computing and Communications


Robert V. "Bob" Sprowl
Sanford, NC  (919) 332-6312

In-depth knowledge of computer systems from PCs, their networking technologies and telecommunications.  Routinely troubleshoot and repair systems to the replacement unit level.   Identify and remove viruses and malware.  Familiar with Macintosh and Linux.

CompTIA A+ certified.


  • Select components, assemble and configure custom-built IBM compatible personal computers.  Determine the most economical upgrade for PCs.
  • Troubleshoot and repair PCs, their peripheral systems (external hard disks, scanners, cameras, etc.) and associated networks, both ethernet and wireless.
  • Install and support Ethernet, Arcnet and Token Ring networks in Novell and UNIX environments either in support of AS 400 minicomputers or connected solely via servers.
  • Completed the installation and configuration of a Mitel telephone system, learning how to do so when the contractor departed following the filing of bankruptcy by my employer.  Installed the operator’s console and features for 80+ instruments.
  • Installed and configured a Convergent Technology network of desktop computers at three locations for a community college district that were then connected to a Unisys A5 Mainframe.  Installed the cables, modems and routers.
  • Air Force computer maintenance technician on Univac Base Supply computer systems and on SAC Command and Control System computers.  Performed repair to the component level on these systems, their printers and other peripherals.


  • MS Office (Word, Excel, Access, Power Point)
  • UNIX Operating Environment
  • System Administration for SQL Server
  • Web Site Design Using HTML
  • Database Design on SQL Server
  • NetWare Administration
  • NetWare Advanced Administration
  • MS Visual Basic Advanced Features
  • Assembler on the Intel Microprocessor family
  • Introduction to Java and Advanced Java

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