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In-depth knowledge of computer systems, networking technologies, and telecommunications.  Demonstrated ability to simultaneously manage multiple projects and tasks to include developing systems and procedures that augment efficiency.  Experienced in estimating project resources, developing plans, schedules, and budgets.  Has taught in every environment from formal classrooms to luncheon seminars.

CompTIA A+ certified.


IT Administrator, Ophthalmology Clinic, Fayetteville, NC, February 2011 to present.  Responsible for the overall planning, organizing, and execution of NextGen (our Practice Management software), Internet service and telephone system.  This includes insuring IT operations meet staff and customer requirements; support and maintenance of existing infrastructure and applications; and development of new technical solutions.

  • Upgraded Internet service from 1Gb to 14Gb and added 8 telephones lines at a net cost of only $90 per month.
  • Implemented the upgrade from NextGEN 5.5 to 5.6 with no problems with our 75 reconfigured PCs.

President, Desk Top Systems, November 2000 to present.  Install operating systems, applications, networks and utilities.   Train users on the above software packages.  Remove viruses and malware.  Troubleshooting and repair computer systems, networks and Internet connections.  Design web sites.  Familiar with Apple and Linux systems.

Management Information Services Manager, OPC Area Program, Carrboro, NC May 2000 to November 2000.  Managed a Wide Area Network (WAN) providing data and voice services to agency facilities in Orange, Person and Chatham counties.  The network of 13 NetWare and two UNIX servers at ten sites supported transaction processing, Accounting, Payroll, Human Resources and e-mail as well as four-digit telephone dialing for the Agency's 300 employees.  Directed a staff of five.

  • Isolated a long standing configuration error, correcting unacceptable network performance and providing the originally designed functionality.
  • Revised backup procedures to improve data security.
  • Developed a one day seminar on the e-mail, telephone and voice mail systems for new employees.
  • Reduced leased circuit costs by $3,150 per month.

Technical Information Coordinator, Medical Review of North Carolina, Cary, NC, March 1998 to November 1999.  Brought in to revitalize the Physician Information Management Services (PIMS) project.  Developed an MS-SQL 6.5 database, wrote programs in Visual BASIC and generated reports using Crystal Reports 7.0.

  • Completed the PIMS project on schedule and within the budget.
  • Member of the corporate Data Security Team.
  • NC Healthcare Information and Communications Alliance (NCHICA) representative.

Manager of Networks, Occidental Fire and Casualty Company, Raleigh, NC, July 1996 to August 1997.  Managed an IBM AS/400 system with 60 workstations connected to a Novell WAN (Token Ring and Ethernet) with 6 servers and 100 users in four states.

  • Directed the upgrade to the AS/400 RISC system.
  • Directed the migration from NetWare 3.1X to NetWare 4.0X including all work stations reducing user problems by 55%.
  • Developed detailed procedures for all computer operations.

President, Desk Top Computing & Communications, Hemet, CA, April 1989 to December 1995. As an Information technology consultant Wrote software.  Built custom computer systems.  Installed Arcnet, Ethernet, or Token Ring networks in Novell and Banyan environments either in support of IBM System 36 / AS 400 minicomputers or connected solely via servers.

  • Built, configured and installed software on several hundred custom PCs.
  • Performed a needs analysis for a training organization that recommended the reallocation of existing assets rather than purchasing additional equipment.
  • Wrote a Police Dog utilization program for the Riverside County Sheriff using Paradox.
  • Prepared a Request for Proposal, including detailed technical specifications, to upgrade a 14-site telephone system to digital technology.
  • Wrote an Insurance Policy tracking program for an insurance underwriter using Paradox for Windows.

MIS Manager, Jensen Industries, Vernon, CA, April 1990 to August 1990.  Responsibilities included an IBM System 36 with 60 remote workstations, a Novell LAN, telephone services and facsimile systems.

  • Initiated computer system security procedures, established formal operating procedures and began a training program for the work station operators.
  • Implemented voice mail using savings found by removing 30 unused Centrex lines.
  • Restored acceptable system performance by reorganizing disk storage and realigning work stations and data lines.

Director of Operations, National Technical School, Home Study Division, Los Angeles, August 1989 to January 1990.  Responsibilities included data processing, material control, document control, shipping, receiving, safety, security, facilities, and support to six regional offices.  Controlled more than $2,500,000 in annual PC hardware and software purchases. Directed a warehouse operation with an $850,000 inventory.  Managed a staff of 22.

  • Revitalized the MIS activity, delivering reports corporate management thought were not available.
  • Actively directed the installation of a Mitel digital telephone system.
  • Reduced telephone, computer, and facility maintenance costs while improving contractual response times.

MIS Director, San Bernardino Community College District, August 1985 to April 1989. Managed the administrative computer system with 300 remote devices and the Office Automation System for the two colleges and the district office. Directed a staff of 11.

  • Developed and implemented an office automation system utilizing six client servers with 35 work stations and the mainframe to link the administrative activities at both campuses and the district office.  When the budget was cut, personally installed and configured the Convergent Technology network of desktop computers that were then connected to our Unisys A5 Mainframe.
  • Strengthened the software used to collect fees; the revisions reduced the number of special fees that required manual processing, automated the posting of income to the department account journals, and expedited the annual audits.
  • Revised the Personnel module to provide the changes required by the Federal "Cobra" law and subsequent administrative directives.
  • Wrote a MIS Five Year Plan that was still being used three years after my departure.
  • Prepared the first written procedures for managing software changes and revitalized the District's Data Processing Policy Committee.
  • Negotiated a 32% discount on a new mainframe computer system with a 5% cap on the annual maintenance increases.

Deputy Director of Technical Services, 33rd Information Systems Group, March AFB, CA, July 1984 to July 1985.  Responsible for the performance of computer systems; telephone systems; air traffic control systems; radio networks and satellite ground stations. Managed 200 personnel in 14 work centers.  

  • Implemented the use of personal computer in the organization reducing data processing service requests by 40% in four months.
  • Rejuvenated three failing maintenance work centers eliminating all backlogs.
  • Functioned as the Personnel Manager for the entire organization for 60 days.

Plans and Operations Director, Information Systems Division, HQ Landsouth (NATO), Verona, Italy, July 1981 to July 1984.  Directed the operation of four communication centers three telephone systems, and an auomated message relay.  Managed 120 foreign and 30 American servicemen in nine work centers at three locations.

  • Directly supervised the installation of the first automated communications system within NATO's southern region.   We validated cutover plans, worked the bugs out during contractor installation, rewrote and implemented training plans, and operated the computer system after the contractor departed.
  • Personally conducted training on computer fundamentals for the staff and subordinate units staff.
  • Coordinated successful conversion to Office Automation for the administrative functions in the headquarters.

Contingency Plans Manager, HQ Air Force Communications Command, Scott AFB, IL, March 1979 to June 1981.  Formulated and coordinated policy and procedures the worldwide contingency use of 48,000 people.

  • Wrote correspondence for the Commanding General's signature.
  • Developed software to automate worldwide reporting.
  • Wrote the initial policy documents.  Upon their approval by the Commanding General, prepared the implementing procedural documents.

Computer Systems Operations Manger, HQ Air Force Communications Command, Scott AFB, IL, August 1978 to March 1979.  Directed the operation of the Air Force portion of the global message transmission system (AUTODIN) with 220 operators and 26 programmers in eight locations.  Developed operating policy reviewed operating procedures, validated design and feasibility studies, approved system modifications, established programming priorities, and granted final acceptance of system upgrades.

  • Exceeded the goal of 99.5% efficiency during a major system hardware and software upgrade.
  • Introduced and, after securing Office of Personnel Management approval, implemented a personnel management plan that eliminated the threat of a strike by our civilian staff.
  • Conceived and coordinated procedure changes providing the 15% improvement originally promised by the establishment of a Headquarters word processing center.

Senior System Analyst, HQ Strategic Air Command, Offutt AFB, NE, January 1977 to June 1978.  Responsible for the maintenance and logistic support for computer systems.  Evaluated design and feasibility studies.  Coordinated support contracts with equipment manufacturers.  Budgeted for personnel and equipment.  Key player in setting staffing levels, qualification standards and training requirements.

  • Isolated the cause of a three yea old, system wide hardware problem.  Conceived and guided to completion the $1.1 million solution ahead of schedule.
  • Restructured a hardware test equipment program providing the full testing capability two years ahead of schedule while saving the Air Force $900,000.
  • Authored new security regulations for my department in a new division; because of their completeness and brevity these were adapted by the whole division.

Detachment Commander, 1st Aerospace Communications Group (SAC), Elkhorn, NE, April 1976 to Dec 1976.  Managed the 770 man Radio Net Control and Receiver Station between the headquarters, the Flying Command Post and the bomber, air refueling, and missile units.

  • Rated outstanding by the SAC Inspector General
  • Achieved a 15.8% reduction in power consumption.

Computer Programmer/Analyst, 1st Aerospace Communications Group (SAC), Offutt AFB, NE, Aug 1973 to Dec 1976.  Wrote assembly language programs for SAC's communications computer network.  Performed feasibility studies and wrote program designs.  Functioned the Safety Manger for this 1100 employee Information Systems organization.

  • Restructured systems testing resulting in the annual program revision being validated 20 days ahead of schedule.
  • Directly supervised the revision of the system assembler, establishing the first restart capability which reduced assembly time by over one-third.
  • As a direct result of his aggressive efforts as the Safety Manager, the organization earned the National Safety Council Award of Merit.
  • Revised SACR 100-208 Volume II EDTCC Operational Program System Alert Sub-system, the user's guide for the Alert Transmission Console.

Computer Maintenance Technician, Various US Air Force bases and Viet Nam, August 1964 to April 1973.  Performed repair to the component level on Univac and ITT computer system.


  • Methodist University, January 2006 to May 2010.  Member of the adjunct faculty in the Reeves School of Business.  Taught operating systems, Microsoft Office 2007 and business management courses.
  • Tutor, NC State Athletic Department, September 2002 to May 2004. Tutored student athletes in Business, Information Technology, Mathematics and English.
  • Associate Professor, Computer Science, D-Q University, Soboba Campus, San Jacinto, CA, April 1991 to December 1995.  Established a computer science curriculum at this new campus.  Courses taught included operating systems, word processing, spreadsheets, database managers, desk top publishing and programming with Visual Basic and Paradox for Windows.
  • University of Redlands, 1987 - 1995.  A member of the Whitehead Center adjunct faculty, taught business management and information systems courses.
  • University of Maryland, Vicenza, Italy, 1982-1983.  Taught management courses.


  • M.A. Management and Human Relations (double major), Human Relations, Webster University, St. Louis, MO
  • B.S. Mathematics, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, OK
  • Air Command and Staff College, USAF
  • Squadron Officers School, USAF
  • Honor Graduate of the Communications Officer Course (and completed the 31 week course in 15 weeks.), USAF


  • MS Office (Word, Excel, Access, Power Point)
  • UNIX Operating Environment
  • System Administration for SQL Server
  • Web Site Design Using HTML
  • Database Design on SQL Server
  • NetWare Administration
  • NetWare Advanced Administration
  • MS Visual Basic Advanced Features
  • Assembler on the Intel Microprocessor family
  • Introduction to Java and Advanced Java
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